You and your staff appear to have mastered the importance of providing excellent patient care. All of you exhibited a caring, cheerful knowledgeable professionalism toward the patients and in working with each other. These qualities were evident from the time I entered your facilities until the time I was dismissed and personally escorted and helped in my transportation at your front door.

Bravo and kudos to all for a job well done!

– E.W.

Vision is a precious gift; one I know all too well after losing my left eye and suffering damage to my right eye as a Police Officer. I have been under the care of several ophthalmologists, but have been blessed for the past 13 years of being under the extraordinary medical care of Dr. DeBry. I have and do not hesitate in referring others to Dr. DeBry for the medical and compassionate care I receive in maintaining my precious gift.

– Thomas R. Navin

I have been a patient of Dr. DeBry for over ten years! I have the greatest confidence in his skill as a physician and surgeon, as well as in his caring and thorough treatment. He has always been available to answer any questions or concerns that I might encounter regarding my vision and the over-all well-being of my eyes. His treatment protocol for my blepharitis included the most current and up-to-date procedures and equipment. The cataract surgery which Dr. DeBry performed on both of my eyes was highly successful, and I feel that was due to his tremendous skill and knowledge.

Additionally, every person on his staff with whom I have interacted has been very professional and caring—especially Tamara and Rachel—Love them! I particularly appreciate that I have never had to wait any period of time before I was seen by his staff and by Dr. Debry, and yet, he was always been thorough in the examination and taken the time necessary to answer my questions. I could not ask for better care than that which I have received from Dr. DeBry and his staff.

– Joan Lawson

Easy, efficient, professional. Very well organized with terrific pre and post surgery information. Great follow up! My husband had the first cataract replaced two weeks ago and will have the second one tomorrow. Couldn’t be more pleased.

– Sherry Hobbs

Dr Peter DeBry,

Thank you for being compassionate and for your ability to give your patients the best possible gift of sight. With all my best wishes, appreciation and respect.

– Araxi D.

I just wanted to express my profuse thanks for your expertise, attentiveness, and assistance regarding my pre-surgery preparation.

Surgery is daunting but you and Gina have truly helped to calm my nerves. For that I am so very grateful. In the midst of that busy, busy practice remember that your efforts are appreciated and meaningful.

– Sammy M.

Peter W. DeBry, MD and Staff

Just a short note to thank you and your staff for exceeding expectations for excellent, friendly, courteous, and professional eye care.

You and your staff make a positive difference in each eye patient you care for, from the time of their first appointment. You treat each patient like a welcome guest in your home.

Your stff is well trained and on a personal note you are a great eye surgeon. Five stars for sure and will always recommend your office to anyone needing professional eye care.

Thanks again.

– Ray and Judy L.

Thank you for all you do for my eyes. I am very blessed to have you in my corner. Also, kudos to your friendly and professional staff. As Maria would say “we can do it all.” And I might add with a smile as well.

– Reb M.

Dr DeBry, Mu, Peterson, and staff:

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me over the past couple of months. The ability to wake up and see every morning is a gift and a blessing. I know you all went above and beyond for me and I truly appreciate it.

– Beverly H.

I came in on Jan 23 for a consult. You and your staff went out of your way to get approval from my insurance company so I could have the YAG procedure done that day. I can not express how truly grateful I am to you all! You have given me my sight back and I will forever be thankful for that! You have a great team! I did not realize how bad my sight was until I could see again. Unfortunately, I spent 3 days cleaning my house because I could see every speck of dirt. Lol Thank you so much! I wish you all the best. You are truly a sight saver! I feel like a new person!

– Laura Bell