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An Explanation of Insurances Issues and Coverage

We take most common medical insurance plans. Insurance can be very confusing as each insurance company can have different plans with different provider lists. For example, Blue Cross can have a PPO and an HMO plan. Some plans require referrals from your primary care doctor for you to be seen by a specialist. We do take Medicare but are not able to see patients with Senior Dimensions or Humana Gold Medicare Advantage plans except for rare cases authorized by those plans and their managing networks.

Click here to send a message to our staff to see if we take your insurance. You can also take a picture of your insurance card and text it to (702)935-5746 and our staff will get back to you about your particular insurance options.

Common Insurances we take:

If you are a veteran and have VA benefits, you may be eligible to be seen by our doctors under one of their community care programs. This would require a referral from the VA. Please discuss this option with the Las Vegas VA Eye Clinic for more details.

A few helpful items to consider…

Insurance can be very confusing. For eye care, there are both vision and medical insurance plans. Vision insurance is an optional benefit some employers offer. This covers glasses, contact lenses, and routine eye exams. Our office is NOT a provider on vision insurance plans. We do not do exams for glasses or contact lenses. If you need a referral to an optometrist for glasses or contacts we can help you to find a great doctor near your home.

Office visits for eye problems like cataracts and glaucoma are covered under your medical insurance (not your vision insurance). Your particular insurance plan will determine what your co-pay and deductibles are for an office visit or procedure. We will collect your co-pay at the time of service and may also ask for part of your deductible if you have an insurance plan with a high deductible, especially if you are having a procedure.

It is important for you to know that you can come and see one of our doctors even if you do not have medical insurance or they is not listed as a provider on your insurance plan.

“Several times a year I see a patient in the office who has not received any follow-up care for their glaucoma for several years. One common reason patients share is that they didn’t come in because they lost their insurance. Unfortunately during this time of insufficient treatment and lack of follow-up their glaucoma got worse leading to irreversible vision loss. I want every patient to know that a lack of health insurance should never stand in the way of getting care for an eye disease. We will always work with a patient to find a way for them to get the care they require. We have many different payment options and even see patients for free when the situation requires it.”

– Dr. Peter DeBry

If you want to see one of our doctors and they are not a provider on your panel, there are several options. Many insurance plans have out-of-network benefits. You can see one of our doctors and submit the claim and get reimbursed for a portion of your care. It is also possible to pay cash for each visit. A few visits a year for monitoring of an eye condition may only cost a few hundred dollars. This would often be less than switching insurance to a different plan just to be able to see him through a contracted insurance program.

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