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Cataract surgery is the primary treatment for addressing the cloudiness in your lens known as a cataract. At NV Eye Surgery, we strongly believe in educating our patients about all the options and risks associated with any treatment. The resources on this page should address most questions and concerns around cataract surgery.

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Dr. Peter DeBry consulting with a female patient

As you age, the lens proteins in your eyes start to break down and the lens becomes cloudy. This cloudy lens is known as a cataract. As cataracts develop, several visual symptoms may occur. While there is no cataract treatment such as drops and medications that can fully reverse the cloudiness in the lens, the primary cataract treatment is surgery.

Dr. Peter DeBry consulting with a male patient

There are now many different cataract lens options available to patients based on personal factors and variability in biological systems. With Dr. DeBry, you will work together to determine the perfect lens for you.

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Before having any surgical procedure, it is important to understand the process in its entirety. A comprehensive understanding of cataract surgery is good practice and the first step to correcting your vision as safely and effectively as possible.

At NV Eye Surgery, we offer cataract surgery at competitive pricing. Our cataract procedure uses the newest laser-assisted technology to provide the best vision possible at an affordable price.

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Eye surgery without insurance can be expensive, but at NV Eye Surgery, our in-office self pay cataract surgery is affordable. Self pay cataract surgery is the affordable solution for patients without insurance or with high-deductible insurance plans, saving $1,000s.

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